Alcohol, drinking and driving can ruin high school graduation celebrations

Every spring high school students across the United States and in Florida celebrate high school prom and high school graduation. While some believe that these steps towards adulthood should be celebrated with alcohol even if it is supervised, the addition of drinking can easily turn a celebratory social function into an event to mourn a lost friend.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the peak months for proms and graduation are also the peak months for car accidents caused by drinking and driving. The peak months for alcohol-related car accidents are April, May and June. To further demonstrate the dangers of underage drinking during graduation celebrations, the number one cause of teenage death is car accidents and nearly 40 percent of teenage car accidents are caused by drinking and driving.

Some people believe the dangers of underage drinking can be mitigated by parent supervision but alcohol consumption by teenagers can have long term health effects. The part of the brain that controls risky behavior is not completely formed until age 25 and according to the National Institutes of Health, heavy consumption of alcohol by teens can harm brain development. Further, teens who begin drinking at age 15 are four times more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol than individuals who wait to drink until age 21. Teenagers who begin drinking at age 15 are two and one half times more likely to abuse alcohol too.

It has been shown that regular and open communication between parents and teenagers has a positive influence on teenage decisions. Teenagers are more likely to meet their parents’ expectations and are less likely to engage in dangerous behavior if regular and open conversation exists, according to most lauderhill, fl car accident lawyers. To ensure that the celebration continues past graduation for everyone let us help the teenagers in our community make positive choices.



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